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I had put a bit of thought into this issue. The shower construciton would be more simple if I were to eliminate the "return jambs" and make it a "3 wall shower". The shower is aprox. 44" X 44". I am planning an opening if 34". I considered a large door to span the 44" width. The problem is that the tub enclosure will only be about 35" from the shower opening. I decided a 34" door would be best for clearance issues. This setup makes the construction more difficult, especially in relation to the pan liner , curb, and tile. I don't mind the extra tile work (This may be inexperience talking). I found an Alumax shower door that I really like. I will have to see if a fixed panel is available. Here is how I was thinking I would try to handle it:

1) As it now stands, on the shower side of the curb I will have less than 1/2" thickness for the curb mortar which is equal to the distance from the shower face of the wood curb to the tiling face of the 1/2" CBU, minus the tickness of the metal lath and pan liner. This did not seem to be enough. I thought about trimming the wood curb so that the face on the shower side would be recessed 1/2" from the framed wall, thus bringing the thickness available for the mortar close to 1". The problem with this is that it really complicates the constuction of the liner at the curb. To eliminate that issue with the liner the wood portion of the curb needs to be flush with the framed wall. In order to get closer to the 1" thickness for the mortar I decided I could leave the curb flush to the framed wall on the shower side and then put two layers of CBU on the shower side of the "return jambs" and header.

2) On the outside face of the wood curb I thought it would be no problem narrow the wood curb so that outside face of the wood curb would be recessed 1/2" from the outside face of the framed "return jambs", providing for close to 1" of mortar on the curb.

I hope my thoughts are reasonably clear. Each individual wall section of the shower is nailed together, but I used screws to attach the wall sections together just in case I wanted to take it apart. It would be no problem to remove the framed front.

I believe I can make it work the way I have it. What do you think?


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