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Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies and insight! I don't know if I explained the joint with the green board right... I think that the actual joint is outside of the wet zone but the mud is tapered into the wet area I didn't make it out there yesterday but I will be out there tonight and I will measure and let you know where the seams lie. General consensus seems to say pull out the mud by the rim of the tub which makes sense. The other thing that Rob Z mentioned is waterproofing the denshield. I have read some of the archives so I have seen some of the controversy. Would I really be best served if I demo'd it and put something else in? Also do I need to do anything regarding the drywall screws? Do I waterproof the screws/ is this possible? Thanks again, I/we(loml) just want to move in soon! This has been a long process. Thanks

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