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HI Davey,
There is tar paper, thin aqua bar type paper, behind the float and on top of what appears to be sheet rock. The staples that hold the wire up have rust and I assume that water has gotten through to the sheet rock although its not in bad shape.
Originally I was hoping that I would find a small crack or something in the hot mop that could be fixed. If so, I was hoping to fill/cover it with hot tar. But that isn't the case. The hot mop is destroyed/deteriorated.

The first row of tile came off the wall without destroying the float. My next possible fix is going to be to pull the tile down and attempt a repair. Although we are getting close to the point where it all might as well get torn out.
Here's my potential plan (A). Pull the the tile, hit the float with a cup wheel and remove excess thinset. Finish removing all the hot mop, inspect/repair the subfloor. Hang some sheet rock, tar paper, and wire in the lower 12-18 inches. Install a membrane type drain and float a new pan. Then cover the whole thing in kerdi or some other membrane. Then tile it.

Plan (B) Tear it all out and start over fresh with a kerdi shower.

What would any of you do in my situation?

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