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Well.. it's not looking like a simple repair.
Has anyone ever done a repair to a shower with this sort of problem?
I want to say that I saw a video with a simular repair where they removed the bottom row of tiles, cut into the wall float at about 2 inches below where the top of the tile were. Removed everything below that, fix any damaged wood and start building a shower pan again.
The main issue I see is tying the old waterproofing to the new. Ideally the tar paper.
This repair isn't about money it's About time. The house was to be inspected this weekend and put on the market next week. That's not going to happen.
I just had this thought and in a perfect scenario I think this would be awesome. Remove all the existing wall tile, thinset, grind excess thinset, etc, while trying not to damage the float. If successful, build a new shower pan and line the whole shower with a membrane like kerdi.
What about that?
Of course there will always be the real possibility that the whole shower is coming out down to the studs and starting over.

Which direction would you go?
Remove the bottom row and attempt a repair?
Try to remove the tile without damaging the float and covering it with a membrane.
Or just start fresh and pull it all out?

Here are some pics of the tear out.
#1 Dry pack out. A big crack in the back right corner of shower. Upper left in photo
#2 The gap were the hot mop is damaged. I assume it tore due to subfloor flex,inadequate support of the t&g.
#3 this sand was under the hot mop. I think it's that slope felt stuff that some build up the pan with. Come to think of it this flexing could have allowed the tar to separate.
#4 A picture after removing a section of tar, tar paper, and cleaning it up. The t&g look good.
#5 A close up. A simple repair it is not

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