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Fixing hot mopped shower pan

Hey all. I spent the day fixing a hand full of leaks in cast iron waste pipe. Well, one of the leaks turned out to be a leaking hot mop shower pan. The shower is 10-15 years. I told the homeowner, the brother in law, that they are probably looking at a new shower but i would check with others and possibly attempt a repair first.
Back in the day when i used to do warranty work my boss and i fixed a hot mop by melting some tar and pouring it over the crack. But i don't trust anything that i learned from him and figured i would check with the pros first.
As of now the exact issue is unknown. I know the hot mop is leaking and it's not leaking at the drain. It's a raised foundation and when under the house the water is coming through at the wall/ pan interface. So i assume it's leaking at the perimeter but i suppose it could be leaking somewhere in the feild and migrating over to the edge.
Let's say i can pull up the tile and the mortar pan, get it sort of clean, and locate a visible crack or hole. Shouldn't one be able to heat up the tar in the pan and pour more tar over it? Of course trying to keep the slope slopey and keeping it away from the weep holes.
The shower is getting old and the in laws are planning on moving to another state for a job opportunity. This repair is meant to be more than a few month patch but no one is concerned about it lasting another 10+years.


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