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Am i using the deflecto meter correctly

I am replacing a standard 5' bath tub, moving the drain to the center and replacing with a shower. I have 2x6, 24 oc, on top of 4x6 that is 4 feet apart, with 3/4 t&g on top. I would prefer, because i am ocd, to use 1/2 plywood on top of the subfloor with ditra but it will cause a height issue at the doorway and carpet transition. I am using porcelian tile from the box stores and i believe the deflecto says that i am good to go as is with out using the additional 1/2 plywood for underlayment.

Any suggestions on tackling the carpet height transition if i use the 1/2 plywood with ditra? Would it be safe to use ditra or hardi on top of the subfloor and not use the additional 1/2 plywood assuming i am using the deflecto correctly?
Any benefit of using hardi and ditra together besides waterproofing?
I have about an inch to match the top of the carpet.
Thanks inn advance

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