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24x24 inch porcelain install

Hi everyone.
I will ask for answers instead of searching the forums. In my defense I use the tapatalk app and the search function sucks. I am also going to ask about what others would charge and I don't need none answers that included things like different areas charge different prices. Anyways...

I have a been asked to prep a concrete slab and install 275 feet of 24"x24" porcelain tile. I have never installed square tile that size. The biggest has been 20x20. I will grind the concrete, install 275 square feet of tile, standard install, not sure of the spacer size, in a square room with no weird angles. Probably center it with even cuts all the way around.
The tiles weigh 22 pounds each according to the customer. What is the correct way to install this? Let me guess, read the manufactures recommended.... Typically, what's the correct way to install tile of this size?
Does one use a good large format thinset and install the same way that they would for 18x18 or does it need something different like a dry pack mortar bed?
I think I will pass off is the latter.

Any tricks and tips for this job that I am not sure that I want to do?


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