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TCNA Standard for the Divot Method

Been a while, I’ve actually maintained to get busier during the typically dead time of the year. Anyhow there’s an Inspector and GC hassling me. Which TCNA standard documents the divot method with a standard drain asssembly??

I have the 2016 handbook and the closest thing I found was B421C-16 on page 246, but that’s for a curbless shower. Maybe this is a transferable standard to a curb shower?

Job in question is a curb shower with hydroban board walls, and a standard 3-part drain assembly. I placed the mud bed with a divot around the drain. Next step is to hydroban after the mud cures for 72 hours, let that cure then flood test. Inspector and GC are questioning the method and want some industry documentation.

Thank you in advance, maybe I overlooked the handbook and skipped over it.
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