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To be honest, the product details shown on the HD website leave out a few critical things; they only list the ply's sides - as in say BC, and leave out the type of glue used. Now, most panels are made with either exposure I or exterior rated glue, but it is critical for use as a tile underlayment. And, technically, to be used as tile underlayment, it should also have in the grade stamp 'underlayment', meaning that all of the internal plies have either no knots or have been plugged to provide a solid) no voids, panel in all layers. And, since most people do not know how to read the grade stamp, a little more help would be useful. As you'll note, the stocked material is not the same all around the country, so what's available at one store may not be available at another - to minimize costs, they source heavier things like this as local as they can. So, in one place, you might have pine, or fir, or whatever type of wood, and, while that can matter if you're talking ultimate strength, it all comes down to the grade stamp to determine actual suitability.
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