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Shower Floor Drain

OATEY Product Number:42213 is the 2" or 3" PVC drain with stainless steel strainer.

This is the style Shower Floor Drain intended for use with a vinyl pan liner and is available in plastic (PVC) or cast iron.

This style drain has four components:
Strainer Cover
Threaded Drain Cup
Top Flange
Bottom Flange

The Bottom Flange connects to the trap or trap riser and sits on the subfloor where it should be securely fastened.

The surface of the Bottom Flange should then be temporarily covered with duct tape.

Concrete is then placed throughout the shower floor area, higher at the outer edges and sloping to the center (top surface of the Bottom Flange.)

The duct tape is removed and the vinyl pan liner is installed over the bottom flange with a hole cut through the liner no larger than the size of the drain hole in the flange. It is also necessary to make additional cuts sufficient to expose the threaded bolt holes (3) in the Bottom Flange. A sealant is used to seal the bottom of the pan liner to the top surface of the Bottom Flange.

The Top Flange then bolts to the Bottom Flange clamping the pan liner into place. It is the Top Flange which contains the weep grooves. The bolts should be evenly tightened but not overly tight.

The threaded Drain Cup then screws into the Top Flange where the threads allow for final height adjustment and positioning of the Strainer Cover.

The height to which the Strainer Cover is set then determines the final height of the sloping concrete subfloor. It is however very important to remember that the concrete should actually stop below the surface of the Strainer a distance equal to the thickness of the floor tile plus the thinset to be used. This will result in the surface of the finish shower floor tile being flush with the Strainer.

This style of shower floor drain should be available at all plumbing supply and home center stores.

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