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Question Denshield Questions

Okay, Thanks for the help in the past I've laid about 200 sq ft of floor tile and now I am getting into the bathroom. When I had the house drywalled I ask them to put denshield in not having all the info from this site at that time they installed it, but, they put it in just like drywall! Regular black screws and they didn't overlap the tub flange they just butted it to the edge and then filled in the 2" gap with drywall mud. They also taped the edges that joint to the wall with mud. Sorry for the long story I just want to tile and not worry about problems 2 years down the road. What should I do? Should I just tear it out and put durock up? Or can I salvage this? It seems form reading the manf. Info it should be nailed up with galvanized nails and I don't think the bottom should be filled in with mud?

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