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You're OK so far

From a structural concern, you don't need to worry about the nails used for the spacer ply, Larrisa, but it would be a good idea to make sure the spacing is consistent and no more than 8 inches apart. More constructive would be to insure that there are no errant nails or loose edges which could cause slight movement sqeaks under the tile, eventually leading to a popped tile, or cracks in the grout lines of your slate. I would use 2 1/2" decking screws for your top 1/2" layer, attaching through the subfloor planks, without any special regard to the joists. I would, however pre-drill, countersink and prime with wood glue or caulking each screw when securing the top 1/2 ply. I would also use a little P&L or similar glue in between the 1/2" & 3/4" strips over high traffic areas.

At the least,Tape & mud (thinset) the joints formed accross your 1/2". You could go one further and use a crack isolation treatment as well. You have the right idea with the grain.

Looks like a fun project...
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