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Mortarbed Shower Diagram -- Tile Council of America

We've had a lot of questions concerning the thickness of the mortar bed at the drain, or how much mud you should have above the membrane. The consensus around here is that the minimum height of mortar at the drain should be 1- 1/4 inches. More certainly doesn't hurt.

This means that if your pre-slope (the mortar beneath the membrane) is sloped consistently at 1/4 in. per foot of run, your final bed will be consistent in thickness from the drain to the wall. We need the minimum of one and one-quarter inches to offer enough mass to hold the bed together.

Further, I know of very few tile setters who install lath or other wire reinforcing in the final mortar bed as shown in the drawing. You don't need it.

You do need lath or other reinforcing in the pre-slope when going over a wood floor. For a concrete subfloor the lath is omitted. The pre-slope mortar is instead bonded to the concrete with thin set mortar applied to the slab just prior to dumping the mud.

-- J.B. 8-29-04

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