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Thumbs up Shower Construction Info (a collection of posts)

How to Build a Shower Curb -- by John Bridge -- Click here

Making Deck Mud (Dry Pack) for Ceramic Tile Shower Floors -- by John Bridge -- Click here

How to float a Shower Floor Pre-Slope -- by Harry Dunbar -- [dead link removed]
It's a great article but most pro's around here say you Don't want to use Latex admix in your mud, just water. Read why.

Additionally, we advise DIY'ers to use Deck Mud instead of Mortar Mix. Deck Mud is easier to work with. Mortar Mix, like Harry uses in this article, contains lime. Lime makes the mortar sticky but harder to work with. It's use is not necessary. Keep it simple and use Our mud recipe.

How to build a Masonry Shower Bench -- by John Bridge -- Click Here

PVC Shower pan liner installation pictures -- by John Bridge -- Click here
The two methods of shower building I employ do not require that the pan be notched into the studs. In the mud method the pan is embedded in mortar, and with the Kerdi method, the membrane is placed on top of the mud. When building a CBU shower, you should notch the studs to make room for the thickness and folds of the liner. -- J.B.

Shower pan liner and preformed corner installation instructions -- by Compotite -- Click here

edit: Noble has good photos/video/technical information on this

Read this to learn why you DON'T want greenboard in your shower -- Click here

Want to try a cast iron shower drain? Here's a link to Insta-Set. Thanks Scooter
9/17/2013 - Link no longer working. Web site no longer online. Google Instant-Set cast iron shower drain if interested.

And finally, last but certainly not least, do not use mastic/pre-mixed tile adhesive in a shower. For 300+ horror stories as to why, just do a forum search on ‘shower AND mastic’

Here are but two examples: Click here and Here

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