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Backer Board/CBU Shower – Notching Studs

Studs in a CBU shower must notched to accommodate the thickness of the liner. Otherwise the CBU will bulge out at the bottom leading to complications when setting the tile.

That notch should be about ¼” deep at the corner where the liner will be folded. Elsewhere around the perimeter of the shower, 1/8” is fine. Notching the sole plate will not be necessary. Backing blocks between the studs are then placed flush with the notched surface. Notching is much easier to do of course with a saw before the studs are framed in place. However, existing studs can be notched in place with a large wood chisel.

How far up the stud to notch is really governed by the height of the curb.
You'll want to extend the liner a minimum of 6 inches above the surface of the pre-slope or 3 inches above the curb, whichever is higher.

An alternative to notching is the use of furring strips. If you decide to use this method, think it through as this can lead to complications. This is especially true when the wall of a shower space continues on, without separation, into an adjacent space. Generally you’ll end up having to place furring strips along the entire wall and in some cases relocating fixtures, like a toilet, to obtain adequate clearances.

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