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The mfg instructions say all that's necessary for the seams is applying bead of sealant between them and extend 1" on each side. I just used Kerdi as extra layer with 2.5" of sealant on each side and smoothed it out.

I applied only sealant to top edge at the ceiling without any band.

I do not understand your question: "Also seems like a good idea for the goboard corner to the Kerdi base, or stick with their allset for that base transition?"...clarify.

I did not apply a liquid membrane to the GoBoard and rhere were no issues with tile adhering to it with thinset. If there was a problem with adhering/moisture/wicking without applying liquid membrane, the mfg would of recommended applying it in their installation instructions.

During the course of my project, I tested applying different materials to backer and/or tile and sticking in bucket of I did with a piece of kerdi band to backer with GoBoard sealant. So, I suggest you do the same with applying liquid membrane to a piece of the backer and then apply some thinset and a piece of tile and do the same without the liquid membrane...put both in a bucket of water and compare adhesiveness of both.

Here is link to detail installation instructions of GoBoard:

If you haven't done so already, take a level and make sure the studs are plumb both horizontally and vertically...if not, you may wind up tearing it all out like I did because the GoBoard will flex in uneven areas. After you install the GoBoard, verify it's level by placing your level vertically/horizontally against the boards and look to see if any gaps between the board and the level.

Other tips,
1) I suggest sistering add'l 2x4's to exsisting ones where your shower door/walls to be connected to walls so there's no 2nd guessing where studs located when either brackets or channels for glass connected to the walls.

2) Take pics of rough in when completed and record measurements of locations of studs/blocking.

3) I suggest installing blocking between the studs for accessories like grab bars, towel bars, etc. so will have secure backing.

4) If you plan on installing any accessories, ask your glass installer if he will drill holes in tile for them.

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