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Tile layout for kitchen backsplash

I've been playing around with different layouts for my kitchen backsplash. After a few iterations it dawned on me that getting symmetry around the stainless steel range hood and chimney might be the most appealing look. The tile will be going to the top of the chimney.

The tile in question is 3"x12" 5/16" thick ceramic wavy subway tile. The instructions say NOT to overlap by more than 33% when using a brick pattern.

I put two tiles back to back and there's a bit of a bow in the tiles. See pic.
Can I get away with using a standard 1/2 overlap brick pattern? aka offset-joint or running bond.
This pattern gives me the most tile symmetry in the range hood section.

My other options are 33% offset staggered and 33% offset brick joint. I included a picture of all the patterns.

Also what trowel size is recommended for these tiles? I couldn't find anything definitive on the internet.
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