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Thinking Ahead for grab bars

Grab bars and handicap bars

Installing grab bars and handicap bars seem to be one of those issues that gets passed over.I dont need one now or you just dont consider it to be a requirement at this time in your life.

Consider this carefully.grab bars and handicap bars are the one thing we will probobly all need one day and if you consider what the life of your shower installation is,then perhaps a little groundwork isnt out of line.afterall,a few minutes today may save you a multitude of hours (or days) when you no longer have the energy or extra income.All this can be avoided by installing blocking in the form of 2x10's now.consider where you would install a bar one day.Perhaps a couple of differant area's.
An upright or vertical bar to help in entering the shower area is popular as is the horizontal bar along a side wall.
A few dollars and a few minutes make the installation an easy addition.With the blocking in place you can install those bars anytime you feel the need.
Remember to write down the measurements you installed the blocking at.Perhaps taping it to the bottom of a vanity drawer for future referance will keep it from dissapearing.

Its this kind of forthought that will one day pay dividends and make you once again proud of what you accomplished when you took on your shower project.

Blocking is the only safe and secure method of installing handicap bars and it takes so little time.So, grab up a few chunks of 2x10 today so you have them when its time to do your shower.short chunks are generally an easy find at most any new construction site.Dont pass up a 2x12 piece.its even better
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