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In that application you could cut a strip of the OSB as you suggest and bevel the framing under that portion a bit to provide the slope. Or you can probably just use a belt sander or similar to bevel the OSB to provide the slope. Keep in mind that you'll need to provide a break in your tile surface at that pitch change and if you still plan to put a foam board on the tub deck, you'll need to break the foam board at the pitch change as well.

You just need to do whatever is required to ensure that the waterproofing layer on the horizontal portion that remains within the shower area is properly sloped to drain. And the tile on top of that portion, too. But you still need to provide a flat surface on the remainder of the tub deck for your tile installation there.

Were I doing it the tile would be separated at that pitch break and the fixed glass would be installed in the gap in the tile on top of the waterproofing layer captured in place by the tile installation.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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