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1. Good luck with that.

2. I do, but that's up to you. Over a wood framed subfloor, it would be roofing felt (or similar), 2.5 lb. metal lath, mortar, membrane, and tile.

3. If you have KerdiBoard on hand, yes. You can also clad the wood curb with drywall, CBU, or some of your DensShield.

You can rip the top board for slope, use thin wedges on the outside between the top board and the one below, or similar. We're talking only 1/8th" or less here.

4. Number of ways to do it, generally involving an epoxy adhesive, but I've heard of it being done entirely with silicone. Depends upon the application and the hardware they use.

They will not have heard of KerdiFix, but generally on vertical surfaces it's considered acceptable to use 100 percent silicone in the fastener holes before installing.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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