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Thanks for the input. I should be more specific on the tub.

The whole tub deck will be tiled so I would use kerdi board under where the glass will be, and then just 1/2in Densshield for the rest of the tub deck. I should be able to make up for the height difference where there is thin set under the kerdi board with the thin set on the top of the densshield.

You think I am better off just building a mud pan and using a Kerdi drain? Then do you put Kerdi membrane on top of the mortar? So something like tar paper, mortar, Kerdi membrane, tile?

So use wood to build up the curb and then cover with Kerdi board, what is the best way to slope the top of the curb into the shower?

Should they just silicone the glass to the tile and anchor it on the walls? Where they anchor into the walls should you put kerdi fix in the holes before the put the screws in?
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