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Welcome, Kelly.

1. Probably not. How would you deal with the remainder of the tub deck if you have a raised ridge at the shower end? The tub deck is also to be tiled?

2. That is a method recommended by the foam tray manufacturer. I prefer you don't use the foam tray at all so I'll let others comment on that. Is the drain centered in the shower footprint?

3. Probably easier to build a wood curb and just cover it with some of your KerdiBoard, but you can do the whole thing in KerdiBoard if you want. Many people do and have done.

Regardless how you construct the curb, I would not let the glass installers drill through the waterproofing membrane on the curb or any other horizontal surface in the shower for any reason. They do not need to do that and it's time they learned that.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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