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Grab Bars

Hi all,

This question is not related to my other shower project. I am going to have to install some grab bars in my parent's shower. It's an alcove tub/shower. I don't know a lot about how it was constructed - they had it done years ago. One wall is an exterior wall and I believe it is a SOG block home.

I need to make sure the grab bars are anchored in well. I can try to find the studs on one of the side walls, but the long back wall is the exterior wall. They want/need the bars on both. IS there a good way to ancher it in the masonry wall? I believe it is a block wall with furring strips. House was built in 77. Tapcons? Try to find furring stips? Toggle bolts? What would ensure a good anchor for use?

Any tips for finding the studs through the tile of the non-masonry wall? For that I may just open up the other side of the wall and add block. Not sure.

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