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Knee wall not level - What would you do?

Hi folks,

I searched the forums, and though I found some great information, I couldn't find the answer to my very specific question.

I have above average DIY skills, but far from being professional. I rebuilt my entire shower and went with the Kerdi system, with 2 coats of Ardex 8+9 (72 hour flood test PASSED!). I originally purchased an e-book about 10 years ago when the old shower first started leaking.

As I don't have much experience with this large of a project, and all the various skills needed, I made some mistakes - The biggest mistake is not correcting the knee wall (short wall between shower and tub) for level, see photo below:

I just ordered the glass for my shower, and after getting final measurements, I realized how out of level this wall is (The outside walls are perfect, and I did add blocking), and the guy at the glass shop gave me plenty of warnings, that even though I went with his recommendation of using U-channel in this location (instead of clips) that I'm going to likely have serious problems installing the glass myself.

This small knee wall was a headache for me trying to get the tiles perfect, and for sure I would've rebuilt it if I had to do it over.

Yes, it's slightly over 1/4 inch between those 2 "X" measurements!

Question: If this was your own project, what would you do? Is 1/4" not that big of a deal since U-channel gives some room for play? Or would you pop off enough tiles on the knee wall and deck tub, and correct this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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