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Tool Guy,

Thanks for your quick response. I dropped down into the crawl space and did some homework to get the answers to your questions.

1. The span of the joists is about 98". On closer examination there are three joists under the tub on 15" centers.

2. I can't see any plywood between the joists. The joists under the mud deck are 1 3/8" lower than the joists under the shower. The mud deck measures 1 1/8" thick. So it seems, without directly measuring, the plywood under the mud deck is 1".

3. The mud is 1 1/8".

4. I used an air hammer with a curved chisel to take up the tile. So it was hard to judge the effort required. A lot of it separated at the bond to the tile rather than the bond at the mud deck. I scraped the mud deck by hand with a scraper and some of it came off easily, with other areas pretty tough. There are a few patches in which the surface of the deck came up to about a depth of 1/8".

5. After cleaning and wetting, there is one crack by the door of about 1.5" long.

One other fact pertinent to the tile effort: There is a closet next to the tub alcove at the same level as the tub subfloor. Tile was mortared directly to the subfloor here.
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