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Hi Jordan, welcome.

A few questions before we take a fork in the road without knowing some stuff:

1) What's the span of those 2x8 joists?
2) Is there a single layer of 3/4" plywood pieced BETWEEN each of your 24" O.C. joists?
3) How thick is your mud bed?
4) Was the removal of old tile quite easy, or did it take a lot of sweat and prying and chipping?
5) Cracks in mud beds are very difficult to see. And they will likely lead to a much shorter service life out of your new tile floor. Therefore, I'd look for cracks very carefully. You may want to vacuum the floor very thoroughly to pull all the fine cement dust from any cracks that otherwise do an awesome job of hiding cracks in the first place. And follow up with using a very damp/wet rag to the floor. Wetness drawn into the cracks will take longer to dry than the rest of the surface and this darkness will make spotting any cracks easy.

As far as your second question, you can make a custom tileable mud pan from easily obtainable materials to any size you'd like and would cost a fraction of that cast iron pan.

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