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Bathroom renovation questions


I'm in the planning (post-demo) stages of a bathroom remodel. The goal is to replace a tub/shower combo with a shower and replace floor tile. After removing the tile and tub, a few questions came up.

Original construction was in 1985. Joists are 2x8, 24" OC. The 30"x60" tub was on 3/4" plywood subfloor. The joists were notched to lower the floor under the remainder of the bathroom and a mud deck was poured on top of the subfloor to bring it level with the tub subfloor. The images below show the notched joist, the subfloor/mud deck transition, and the underside plumbing and joist arrangement. My questions are:

1. The original plan was to use a cast iron shower receptor to replace the tub. Is there any concern with placing a wider (32"or 34") receptor on the subfloor and mud deck? The mud deck appears in good condition, with no cracks.

2. It appears as though these receptors might be a couple of months out if we ordered today. What other options do we have for a shower considering our floor configuration?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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