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NEWB needing advice, 50s home bathroom remodel

Well I've done alot of searching on google and darn near every question I've asked there has been links to posts on this site! Good job guys

Anyway I've learned alot, but wanted to get first hand advice for this remodel. I've pretty much gutted the area and found 7" wide x 3/4" thick T&G planks for the subfloor, type of wood unknown, I have 2x10 joists 16" OC, the bathroom is narrow (width of standard tub) but fairly long, the exterior wall where the tub is sits overtop of the foundation but the joists span approx 12' before reaching the teleposts. The condition of the subfloor is pretty good but of course is not really smooth/flat and I live in a area with clay/gumbo soil and nasty winters so things always seem to shift. In the hallway I have 3/4" white oak hardwood ontop of the subfloor.

So that about sums it up. I don't want to have a huge edge when I walk into the bathroom, but I'm guessing from what I read min will be 1/2" quality plywood plus ditra then tiles? Or is the conditions I've mentioned not really great for tiling and I should just skimp out and go lino?

Should I attempt to remove the old nails and replace with screws on the subfloor or simply put in some screws to help with the squeaks?

Any advice is always greatly appreciated! Thanks
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