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Some progress pics.

Crown is up and looks pretty good. Composed of multiple pieces; 9/16"X3" flat stock to build it out from the wall so that the top edge of the shower tile won't protrude past the bottom edge of the crown, followed by 3 1/4" door casting laid flat, with the bottom of the beaded edge set even with the bottom of the flat stock, and finally the 3 and some odd inch crown, the bottom edge of which is positioned about 1 1/4" above the bottom of the beaded casting. Depot carries all these profiles in a product called, I think, Elegance, which is basically plastic coated, prefinished MDF. I reasoned that the coating should minimize growth/shrinkage from temp/humidity. I hope. MDF sure is wet noodle like; the 7 footers were not bad but the 14' pieces were a bear to handle. Still need to be painted though, and I'll use a small quarter round to finish the bottom edge outside of the shower area.
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