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Yes, the tile we've found and like for the main floor come in a 1 3/8" mosaic for the shower floor. I'll give USG a ring tomorrow.

Finally got the foam shower pan set today. Mixed my Versabond just a little loose but still held a ridge from the USG recommended 1/4 X 3/8 trowel. Went down pretty easily but did have to place weighted objects on certain sections to keep them nice and flat to the floor.

Worst part was setting what USG calls their shower disk tray (into which the actual drain assembly goes). The disk tray must be fully embedded into the mortar, but the mortar combed out for the foam pan isn't nearly sufficient to embed the disk. I had to really load a bunch of mortar into the opening for the disk, bed it, then clean off all the mortar that oozed out. There's a bucket of water sitting on that, too, to keep it flat to the floor.

Next Step; installing the Ditra Heat Duo mats. Gonna need another bag of Versabond for that.
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