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CX, my apologies. I should have dug up my prior post (this one) and continued from there...

Received Kerdi shower tray today and tried fit checking it within the shower base. The drain is off center by 1.5 inches - which is not surprising since I've seen a few thread highlighting the drain/tray center issues

The real surprise is you have the option to break out the tray center which i find odd. In any event, I think you two have a point. I may ditch the tray (since I have to raise the base anyway with mud deck) and use the Kerdi membrane instead. This will alleviate the need to screw with plumbing (move the drain to get it centered to tray )

CX. Yes to a door and point taken on inspector. I'll try to find an inspector but I scanned the Florida building code and its vague on mud deck requirements so not sure if a 4 inch mud deck would violate code requirements.
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