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First time tiler working on garage - advice sought

Hello all

I am a big time DIY car guy and architect by day. I rebuilt the Alfa in the photos below and do much of the work on my home. I have yet to tile but looking forward to the challenge. If you look closely in the photos you'll see two pallets of 4x8 "klinker" tile from Argelith in Germany that I plan to lay in a brick/running bond pattern, emulating the look often seen in European car service bays. The third pic is my inspiration, the last pic is the tile itself.

The installation is 550sqft on a very good and crack free concrete slab. In ways the install should be "easy" as every single corner of the garage besides the staircase and overhead door are concealed by my junk. This means I'm not hugely concerned with perfect cuts at walls. I am concerned with getting a good looking and performing surface on which I'll do a significant amount of maintenance, rebuilding, welding & more.

I plan to begin with Laticrete Prime and Bond then set in 254 Platinum. I am borrowing an MK saw.

If I may, have some questions for you all:

1. I realize first time installer and epoxy don't go together but nonetheless: is something like Laticrete Spectralock worth the hassle and cost for a space like this or will a high performance cement grout like Permacolor Select in a dark color do the trick? I don't park any daily driven cars here only long term projects which don't pull in and out in weather and get the floor wet/salty but there will be every manner of automotive fluid spilled.

2. I presume a laser will be useful as a check and to help me keep the running bond centered? I have a 3' spirit level and chalk line on hand as well.

3. These tiles are small and rectified. Besides aesthetics (I prefer smaller) what would make me select a 1/16" vs 1/8" grout joint ?

4. For a first timer is an anti-lippage system like Ridgid LevelMax helpful?

Doing this myself I'm saving money so cost of tools and products is not a concern. Making the job go smoothly and being proud of the results is!

Thanks all!
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