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Davy - the slate is from Brazil. My understanding is that it is a pretty good slate vs. some others. My contractor said that the tiles were consistently sized and pretty easy to install. The floor looks great - I do have a little grout that still needs to be removed - but it’s not too bad. I’m hoping that sealing the slate will help with that before the next install. Do you have any suggestions re: the easiest way to remove the leftover grout?

I do remember the part about dipping the tile now - I thought maybe that was related to marble tile but now I remember I read it when I was researching the slate. Makes perfect sense!

The floor looks very nice - I really like the color but am thinking that enhancing it may be the right call (the colors are obviously “off” in the photo below - the electricity is turned off to the bathroom right now so had to let sun flood in from daughter’s bedroom which added a golden hue). We decided to do a 90 degree herringbone pattern in this first bathroom. The floor is only a little over 45 sf - I think it makes the room look a little wider maybe? I also thought it would be less work for my contractor to install (less cuts/easier cuts?). He is laying it on a 45 degree pattern for the laundry room. Plus, he will be adding a doggie shower in the laundry room - I am excited for that to be installed!

I will hunt down some Sparks Stone Glamor. How far in advance should I seal the tile? Will I be able to use this brand on the slate that is already installed? I like the current contrast of the grout/slate as installed and don’t want to change the color of the grout. Should I carefully apply it to the surface of the installed tile?

I am now a bit concerned about Sam’s stomach issues and the slate tile. Guess I will have to figure something out.

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