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We had similar challenges with a small full bathroom renovation many years ago. It was a small bath: 4 x 10.5, with 36x42 shower. They wanted all natural stone.

We started with a full gut. The floor joists were awful. It was a mix of 2x3 and 2x5 over a crawlspace, with minimal support.

This would not do at all - we needed a VERY stiff floor to avoid cracked tiles (expensive 12x12 natural stone, 3/8" thick).

We used a brute force approach. IMO, the best way to decrease deflection (if one has access) is under the plywood. We used 2x6 and added double sisters to all floor joists. Then, added more blocking throughout. Then, installed new plywood. For minimal cost, there is no deflection at all.

IMO, I would forgo Ditra. There is no need to add the height or cost, as there will be no deflection.

In our case, we installed under floor electric heat, embedded in a thin layer of SLC. Material cost about $250 and took maybe half a day.

This was some 10 years ago. We have done several more projects in that house since then. There has been no tile cracking at all.

I hope that this helps.
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