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Difficult to get perspective in those photos sometimes, John, but that plywood edge in your tub drain photo does not look like 3/4" to me. You're sure your first layer is that thick?

I can't read your grade stamp very well, but if it's marked as T&G you would expect to find that in the area where it says it's Sized For Spacing. I'm not at all sure it's a marking requirement, though.

I can't tell from your photos if you have T&G or not. If you're sure it's not, that's a problem. 'Specially if it's not actually 23/32nds" thick. I would recommend you drill a hole in the center of a joint, preferably with a Forstner bit, and see if you can determine if the panels are T&G style. But your card trick should be sufficient to say they're not.

I don't see any indication that a second layer of plywood subflooring has been installed at all. There should be many fastener points visible in the field between joists in your photos.

The 2x4 you mention could be fastened securely to the joist to which it's adjacent and might be installed as a "nailer." If so, that should not be a factor.

My opinion; worth price charged.


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