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I am the cleaning crew and had approved it with myself until you said that, haha. Its not a shower tub combo so can't imagine it will see much water. Other than that I don't see much opportunity for too much dirt. Obviously it will collect dust like anything but although I keep things clean I am more of the "if I can't see or smell it, it doesn't exist" types.

Fwiw I had stone around a tub in an apartment I lived in for a year and it never got very dirty except for some toilet paper dust and it was a dark stone unlike what I've picked out.

But my plans aren't set in stone (pun intended) if I'm headed down a bad road. Does your experience tell you different, CX?

On a side note my tub came in today the the round waterfall spout that I thought was too long actually won't be too long. The least of my problems solved!
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