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Eric, it's far more likely that the fur-down is being supported by the joists than vice-versa. That's joist is not above the wall behind the fur-down, perhaps?

I'm trying to think of ways to fix that joist system. I have some ideas, but I'd really need to be on site to whether they'd be at all feasible. And even then I couldn't likely 'splain it well enough for someone else to do it.

And I can't really understand your highlighted plans well enough to know what to say about them. Complicated situation you've got there.

Maybe you'll get by with what you've got. Maybe not.

As to your glass companies, I'm not surprised. Of course they've never had a problem. By the time the curb has rotted out, what homeowner is likely to call the glass company to come repair it? There are ways to avoid penetrating the waterproof layer on horizontal surfaces. I was taught that by my first glass company soon after I started building houses back in 1995 and we've got a whole world of better adhesives available today than we had then.

For the stone on the tub deck, why would you not set your faucet on top of the stone installation?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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