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On a side note from joist issues which I am working and hope to have fixed this weekend...

1. I am currently planning to put a few rows of stone veneer around the alcove tub (its not a shower). I then one to put the tub spout in and have it closely surrounded by the stone. Long story short waterfall spouts are in short supply and the only one which will work is square. Basically I screw it in and set the stone around it and its not coming out unless the stone does. Not really an issue for me because if I get tired of the spout, Ive gotten tired of the stone and its all coming out.

I can't think of any reason it would need to come out that the stone would also need to come out, i.e. some sort of leak. Am I missing something? No shower so no diverter to fail either.

2. I'm trying to locate a glass company that won't screw the curb when I come to that stage. I am looking to the exposed hardware sliding doors. Has anyone used those? What kind of mounting do they involve? I am having trouble getting clear answers that I can visualize.

One company seems willing to work with me but the other insisted they could use nothing but 2 inch screws all the way through because "we do it all the time with no problem"
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