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If you ever wanted to replace the light fixture, you wouldn't want to have to tear out the ceiling tile!

I'd contact the manufacturer to see if they have an adapter that would let you install it in that thicker ceiling, or, a possibility would be to make the hole in the ceiling larger to accommodate the flange, and rely on the tile and maybe backerboard to accommodate that 4" hole needed so you could snug it up to that surface and still be within the limits. You could even just have it hanging on the tile, and have the cbu cut out as well, and be assured it would fit as long as you clean up any squeeze out of thinset on the back. Unless you're using a small tile, if at least the majority if it is on the backer, it should have more than enough strength. That light assembly probably doesn't weigh more than 3-4 pounds, and the bond strength of a tile to the backer should be at least 50x psi more, and could approach 100x more psi.
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