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Kerdi shower in progress -- 5 pics 4 questions

I am almost ready to apply the Kerdi, but I have four questions before I start:

1. Should I return the CustomBlend? I've read that it's not easy to work with. Is there an unmodified at the local HD/Lowes that is easier? I'm installing travertine - o I need to use white thinset to attach the Kerdi?

2. Can I apply the thinset on the ceiling over the old mastic that I have scraped? If I have to I'll add another layer of sheetrock and lower the light...

3. The mortar bed is the first I've done and I think I mixed it too wet. It seemed right in the bin, but its like it got wetter when I applied it. It's been about 20hrs and if a press hard, I think I could indent it. How long before I can walk on?

Bonus pics of:
-The Sanijet tub surround I did last year. My first - a couple boo boos, but hopefully it doesn't make the hack thread...

- The niches that I'm sure will be lots of fun to tile.

Thanks to John Bridge and the Admins - I've learned alot on this forum!

btw my name is Sam (in case my sig doesn't show up)
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