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Hi Mike, welcome.

1. Tile size is up to you, we use alot of big tiles in showers these days, folks like the idea of less joints.

2. Yes, you can over lap the transition with tile. It's best to use thinset as much as possible in the areas under the tile.

3. I like using an ink pen or fine tip marker on Redgard.

4. Porcelain tile won't be a problem in a shower as long as thinset is used, not mastic or pre-mixed thinset.

5. I would use the tile saw for all the cuts.

6. I don't think it's too busy, I have a small bath (kids bath) that I tiled the whole thing, floor, walls and ceiling.

7. Yeah, just fold the tape around the edge and apply thinset over it. You can feather it out some if it needs it, no harm in doing that.
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