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The tongue and groove is not OSB or plywood, they're 1" thick wood planks - so I guess sawn boards? Our house was built in 1939, this was the subflooring for the whole of the upstairs. And apologies for the mistake, I did mean to say exterior glue plywood. That is what we put down. Do these two count as one of the combinations of mandatory two layer subflooring or is the T&G not included?

As for the joists... I had planned to go with what I had, as they weren't accessible without tearing out all the above described subfloor (the first of which was there when we inherited this partial project). Is that a fatal error? I did just look at the calculator again and I am not sure I had the correct joist length, so I need to figure that out and re-calculate the deflection. I had just left the length at 10 feet but I am not sure that's accurate.

Edited to add: I believe I was going off of this, an F-250 diagram I found from the TCNA handbook:
Though this says plywood T&G...

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