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Zoe, I'm not telling you not to use your unmodified thinset mortar for your Schluter installations, just telling you in my opinion you'll be happier using a modified mortar for the entire project.

Schluter, you'll note, always wants you should be using a good quality unmodified mortar. You cannot purchase such a mortar at Home Depot where I'm guessing you purchased your Versabond. They don't carry such a mortar last time I checked.

What specific unmodified mortar do you have?

And let me be the first to congratulate you on actually reading and trying to follow the product manufacturer's recommendations. We harp on that alla time hereabouts. But the backerboard manufacturer and the stone tile producer also have recommendations and both recommend you use a modified thinset mortar with their products. I'm suggesting that since you absolutely must violate somebody's recommendation, you violate the odd man out, which is Herr Schluter. Except when it comes to bonding to plywood when even he recognizes you must use a thinset mortar meeting ANSI A118.11.

And you know that's good advice on accounta you got it from some guy you've never met nor heard of who you found on the Internet!

My opinion; worth price charged.


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