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Thanks so much for your response - and greetings from a lifelong Texan now transplanted to the PNW! (Portland, Oregon). I hope Boerne is thawing out without too much damage.

As for the mortar, I'm so glad I asked, I have several bags of unmodified mortar upstairs that I was just about to start using. Looks like I'll be making some exchanges! Just to clarify - this project also includes: a Schluter Kerdi shower pan, drain, bench, and curb with Kerdi band seams, as well as Ditra for the broader bathroom floor - I should use modified thin-set for the whole kit and kaboodle?

I had previously only purchased one bag of modified (Versabond) to go between the Ditra and the plywood subfloor, but planned to switch back to unmodified between the Ditra and the marble floor tiles, per the recommendations of the Ditra handbook.
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