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Made some progress today. Tile-experts .com order was taking too long, so I found a shop 45 min. away with a Kerdi drain in stock and picked it up last night (Premier Tile in Grass Valley, CA- very nice folks there). It took some finagling to get the drain level. I had to cement it in place first, since I have no access to the plumbing from below. When I started packing mud under it later, I think I got a little too aggressive, because I threw it way out of level with how much mud was packed under. I pulled some out and sort of started over, then it worked out alright (note in the third picture that there's just a little mud leftovers on the back wall... it's really not uneven, as it appears to be). I didn't find out until after I was finished that some guys back-butter the drain flange with thinset prior to mud... oh well, this should be okay anyway I hope.

Doing the mud base in general wasn't that hard, but it definitely took longer than I would have liked. I ended up pulling the wheelbarrow upstairs to mix the mud since I didn't trust myself to work quickly enough with mixing a whole bunch of small batches in a 5-gal bucket. Anyway, I hope it sets up nice and solid by tomorrow... not that there's any rush, since the rest of my Kerdi stuff is a few days out still.
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