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So I got the shower completely drywalled this weekend. Pics to come tonight. I'm a little worried about how far the shower valve sticks out, as the wording on the plastic cover is a little ambiguous, and I don't have the trim yet, so I don't have a good way to double check.

Also, I have a quick question on the curb: I did the standard 3 2x4s stacked to build the curb, then I drywalled all three sides (well, not the top yet, as I was worried about stepping on it and damaging the drywall), but now I'm concerned that drywall isn't strong enough- is it okay on the curb, considering it will likely be stepped on and maybe kicked quite a bit? Or, should I lath/mud a layer over the curb? I'm hoping to receive all of my Kerdi materials today, so I may be putting in the drain tonight, and mudding the base tomorrow.

I'll have to mix the mud inside, near the shower, since it'll be snowing outside tonight and tomorrow probably. Does anyone recommend against mixing a bit of mud at a time in a 5-gal bucket, or is better for me to lug the wheelbarrow up there and mix it all at once (or get a better/larger mixing container) ?
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