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Andy has questions about shower

I'm creating my first shower, in a new second floor I just built on my house. I was planning to do the shower a little ways down the road, after drywall and texture and probably some other finish work as well... but the local Bldg. Dept. said I have to have the shower pan installed and on test prior to rough frame inspection- anyone else's local jurisdiction require this?

Anyway, the shower is roughly 3'x4', and there'll be a curb on a short side. Drain is in the center. I'm going to Kerdi the whole thing, with a mud base. There'll be a triangular foot rest in one corner, and a tall niche with a middle shelf on one wall. I've already ordered the Kerdi, -band, -drain, -fix, and corners. I got some gray Versabond from HD, a few bags of sand, and a bag of Portland cement. Oh, and a few sheets of plain ol' 1/2" drywall. Edit: I also got JB's tile book and Kerdi e-book.

So on to the questions: the wife and I haven't officially selected tile yet, but we're set on using a fairly dark slate-ish looking tile for the walls, probably 12x12 or so. It seems there are plenty of options for that. For the floor, however, I was wondering if it's a bad idea to use glass mosaic with 1x1 tiles. I know the glass is slick, but will all of the grout lines cancel that out and provide for a suitably grippy floor? Or is something rougher necessary?

Another question: why is there so much tan or off-white tile, and not a whole lot of dark tile? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but it seems like dark gray or black mosaic sheets are hard to come by. Would it be better to try and find some 2x2 tiles for the floor (or 3x3?)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here's a photo of the shower area currently:
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