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Originally Posted by Kris
The installer did not pull the baseboard, but did pull the shoe. Should he have pulled the baseboard completely off?
He should have in my opinion. Some do, some don't but I think the job looks much better if all the moulding is pulled and put back after the tile is laid. It also makes it easier to replace the moulding in the future.

my father seemed to have played around with the tiles tonight, I was not home and didn't have a chance to speak to him, but now the grout joints are a lot more consistent, ranges at around 1/8" to 3/16".
This makes me a little nervous. Once the tiles are set they shouldn't be moved outside the working time of the thinset (please tell me the contractor is not using stuff out of a bucket to set the tile). If the contractor is using "pre-mixed thinset", "mastic" or anything that isn't mixed from a powder he should be shown the door (IMHO). And the further question is "Why should your father be trying to get the grout joints more even?" After all you are paying a professional to do the job the HO shouldn't have to "fix" anything. It really sounds to me like this guy is not a professional tile setter.

I don't know the exact specification on allowable lippage without trying to find it in a book but if it's more than the thickness of a credit card it's unacceptable. If the installer actually used thinset he mixed from a powder then the tile offending tile would have to be pulled up (it'll probably break). If he used stuff from a bucket then ALL the tile should be pulled up and you should thank him for his time and go get someone who knows the thinset method of setting tile. If mastic was used there's a chance you can clean them up in warm water and reuse them.

If that doesn't work, I'll always think it should have.
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