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We have a customer here

Back to the subject at hand - is this work acceptable?

We have all been in places and seen work worse than this that has been paid for and accepted. That answer varies by location and expectation. If you are paying 50 cents /ft for install, I would call that pretty good. If you are paying the going professional rate, then its not good at all. I grew up in a lower class neighborhood of tradesmen. We had flat floors, all copper plumbing, crisp paint lines, and mud set tiles. I have been in million dollar homes that look like they had been tiled by Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder.

If that job isn't what you wanted and expected then it isn't acceptable. Did you express those expectations to the contractor before the job started? Perhaps the contractor has different expectations which would make him a poor fit for your install. What to do now? That's a whole nuther issue.

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