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In the kid's bathroom....

Take a flathead screwdriver to that subfloor to see if it's rotted. Jam it in the plywood...she sinks in and you know it's rotting....she bounces off with little damage and its sound. If you are still unsure, go to an area that is obviously sound and take a few test pokes to see how firm the wood "should be". One thing that would be un-likely is that your plywood is treated plywood. More likely that the weird color is from the mold.

You wanna formula to get rid of the mold, look here at this article in our Whurl Famous Liberry.

Seems obvious that those cracking tiles are due to movement under them. Tile can't tolerate much movement before it cracks. Glad you are planning to re-do this properly with a proper backerboard.

Might be a good place to start you from the beginning, eh? First question we usually ask around here is about the floor structure itself. What size joists do you have and how long do they span between supports? This tells us if your floor joists are stiff enough to keep the brittle tiles from cracking once installed. Then we ask is what you have for a subfloor and any subsequent layers.
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